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Darapaneni Narendra Babu was born on 11 October 1972 at Guntur, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. He is worked as "TDP Party Media Co-Ordinator".
He have 30year's Experiencs in TDP party as a Senior Member.

According to his activities in TDP Party Media

  • Official TDP Mettings
  • Election Campanion
  • TDP Media Mettings

He talk about how to use these platforms effectively for outreach and promotion of protest actions. In addition, He give practical advise on how to work around censorship and shadow bans.

Connectivity is among the most significant benefits of social media. It can link countless users at any time, everywhere. Information could be spread globally through social media and its connectedness, making it simple for people to interact with one another. It results in global relationships.

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Service Poor People

Lokesh recently toured Mangalagiri constituency extensively. Met people directly. Asked about their problems. His tour went on crossing chaotic mud and mud roads and streets.

Media Coverage in Party Meetings

Media coverage refers to the attention and exposure received by a person, brand, event, or topic in various forms of media, including print, broadcast, and digital platforms.

Serve Food For Poor People

Food is a basic need for every human being In March 2016, the first 'Anna Canteen' named after TDP founder-president NT Rama Rao, was opened on Andhra Pradesh. serve free food for poor peoples.

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